Pig Pog Fish and Chip Butty

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Here at chez Pig-Pog, we like to cook quick and tasty, low-effort food.

Our latest foray is a twist on the great tradition of ‘Chip Butties’

We call it ‘Fish and Chip Butties’.

Preparation time – 10 minutes 

Cooking time – 30 minutes 


  • Chunky cut oven chips – enough for two people
  • Two Battered Oven-cook Fish portions
  • Green Beans for two
  • Four slices of bread
  • Butter
  • Mayonaise
  • Sweet chilli Sauce

Goes really well with Cava or dry white wine.

Pre-heat the oven to about 200C (395F, gas mark 6), leaving a baking sheet in the oven while it heats.

Remembering to use an oven glove, remove the baking tray, and drop the fish portions and the oven chips onto it, then slam it back in the oven. You might want to set the timer for about 25 minutes, or, as we prefer, simply keep an eye on the chips – once they are browning, they are done.

While this is cooking, boil some water in a pan with a little salt (and add a spoon of brown sugar if you like). About ten minutes or so before the food in the oven it cooked, dump a hand full of beans in the water.

Having done that, now get four slices of bread, we like thick cut half-and-half bread, but it is your choice, butter one side of each slice. You could use low-fat, low-taste margarine, or you could use proper butter. We opt for the latter, every time.

Whip the chips out and shake them at the half way point, you might also want to salt them too.

When the timer pings you, or the chips look and smell cooked and the beans are done, strain the beans, then add some butter and black pepper and return to the pan (but not the heat).

Chop the fish into long strips with a sharp knife, lay the strips onto one side of the bread.

Add the Sweet chilli sauce on top of the fish and also some mayonnaise to taste.

Add two layers of chips and then the bread. Cut into triangles.

Serve as shown, the left-over chips and the beans go into the centre of the V.

We enjoy ours with more mayo and ketchup for dipping.

Enjoy !

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